An exact survey of the tide : explicating its production and propagation, variety and anomaly, in all parts of the world, especially near the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, with a preliminary treatise concerning the origin of springs, generation of rain, and production of wind,with twelve curious maps


Edward Barlow
Title PageAtlantic PlatePlate 1715 EditionTitle PageOpposite page 120

Edward Barlow, educated at the English College of Lisbon and working as a priest in Lancashire, is best known as the inventor of a repeating clock. His mechanical bent may be seen in the "Conclusion" of this volume, where he refers to the oceans being like a pendulum having a "ponderous as well as voluble element." There is much American information in the book: four of the 12 maps are of American interest, and there are discussions of the tides in Hudson's Bay and currents off Brazil.