Las privaciones que impone la guerra y la ausencia de los seres quiridos, se soportan con entereza en aras de un ideal: Euzkadi

Les privaciones qu'impose la guerre, l'absènce des êtres aimés, ont supporté tout cela avec fermeté, pour la realization d'un idéal: Euzkadi.

The privations imposed by war and the absence of the loved ones is borne with fortitude on the alter of an ideal: Euzkadi.

This image expresses the physical and emotional toll of the war on the civilian population. The emptiness of the table suggests a shortage of food, while the inscription implies a longing for the return of family members. Shining through the window, the outline of an ikurriña casts a cross at the center of the image. In fact, the white St. George's cross on the ikurriña was meant to evoke the strong religious sensibilities of the Basque nationalist movement.