Abd-El-Krim, derrotant als militars espanyols, tira per terra tots els negocis tèrbols que al protectorat africá h tenien muntats els explotadors dels obrers espanyols i els traficants de la sang dels sues soldats.

Abd-El-Krim, derrotando a los militares españoles, acaba con todos negocios turbios que en el Protectorado africano tenían organizados los explotadores de los obreros españoles y los traficantes de la sangre de sus soldados.

Abd-El-Krim defeats the Spanish Army, and thus ends in the African Protectorate the disgraceful exploitation of the workers and the traffic in soldiers' lives.

La déroute qu'inflige Abd-El-Krim aux militaries espagnols réduit à néant toutes les affaires louches organisées par les exploiteurs des ouvriers et les trafiquants du sang des soldats espagnols.

Abd-El-Krim, venkante la hispanajn militistojn, finas la malpurajn negocojn en la afrika Protektorato organizitajn de la ekspluatantoj de la hispanaj laboristoj kaj la negocistoj je la sango de iliaj soldatoj.

The disorder of the period 1917-1921 was brought to a sudden close with the Spanish defeat at Annual on July 22, 1921. Campaigning in the mountainous Rif region of Morocco, the Spanish army under the command of General Manuel Fernández Silvestre over extended itself and was decimated by an irregular force under the leadership of Mohammed Ben Abd el-Krim El Khattabi. The defeat led to the collapse of the Spanish military position in North Africa; more than twenty garrisons were immediately overrun in the following days, their soldiers massacred. Though the army was able to reverse some of the damage in the wake of the loss, the political reverberations were far more profound leading to a loss of face for both the Spanish military establishment and the king himself.

In this satirical portrayal of the battle, a towering Abd el-Krim stands above a fleeing Spanish officer. Adding insult to the Spanish loss, the officer's sword has been cast aside and his path of escape tracks footprints of blood across the Spanish flag in a dishonorable fashion. Behind Abd el-Krim, two burial mounds spotted with numerous tombstones speak to the grim cost of the Spanish defeat.