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September 1936
Keystone View Company

"THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FLEE TO SAFETY FROM BLAZING IRUN. -- During the night, the Rebels swept down the mountain side of IRUN and FONTARRABIA, where they had been for weeks and entered IRUN. Thousands of terror stricken men, women and children fled in boats across the river to the safety of HENDAYE PLAGE, FRANCE. From there they watched stricken IRUN blazing including their homes and everything they possess, except for the few belongings they had managed to bring with them. Photo shows the stamp of misery and suffering caused by the revolution is clearly marked on the face of this woman as she nurses her child after landing at HENDAYE PLAGE, FRANCE. Around her are the few pathetic belongings she has managed to save from her home, blazing across the river in IRUN. "