Author: Casañas, Enrique

Title: Testimony of Enrique Casañas, Interview with Omar Pimienta and Marcella Navarro; July 8, 2009.

Published: Barcelona, Spain, Spanish Civil War Memory Project, 2009.

Description: 2 tapes

Notes: Enrique Casañas' testimony is in Spanish without subtitles. The testimony was recorded in Barcelona.

Summary: Enrique Casañas was born in 1919 in Barcelona. Enrique describes his family's leftist, Libertarian, and Republican political affiliation. He narrates that when the Civil War began, he was seventeen years old and was part of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (National Labor Confederation), the Libertarian Movement, and the Federación Ibérica de Juventudes Libertarias (Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth). Enrique relates forming part of the Aragón Front, the Belchite Front, and the 25 Division. He speaks about Antonio Ortiz Ramírez and Joaquín Ascaso Budría. Enrique indicates that his brother fought in the war and was detained for six months in León. He tells of boarding a ship to defend Catalonia with three thousand volunteers. Enrique explains that Barcelona fell two days later, so they had to disembark in Palamós and retreat to France. He recounts being placed in concentration camps in Argèles-sur-Mer and Le Bacarès. Enrique remembers leaving the camps in work companies comprised of two hundred and fifty men, and specifies the type of work he carried out. He details going to Marseille, where the Mexican Consulate gave the Spanish refugees Mexican identification documents. Enrique recalls returning to Barcelona in 1944. He discusses seeking exile in Brazil in 1951 and living there for twenty-three years. Enrique notes returning to Spain shortly before Franco's death, and comments on the Transition and the current political situation.

Cite as: Casañas, Enrique. Testimony of the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist Dictatorship. University of California, San Diego, 2008.