Author: Aguado Marco, Enrique

Title: Testimony of Enrique Aguado Marco, Interview with Scott Boehm and Miriam Duarte; May 29, June 3, and June 8, 2009.

Published: Madrid, Spain, Spanish Civil War Memory Project, 2009.

Description: 1 tape

Notes: Enrique Aguado Marco’s testimony is in Spanish without subtitles. The testimony was recorded in his home in Madrid.

Summary: Enrique Aguado Marco was born in 1913. Enrique recounts fighting in the Battle of Guadalajara and the Battle of Ebro during the Civil War. He rose to the rank of battalion commissioner. Enrique explains that at the end of the war, he fled to France and was placed in a concentration camp. After being released from the concentration camp, he remained in France until 1973. Enrique relates participating actively in the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) while in France. He was arrested during a visit to Spain in 1963 and was detained in the Carabanchel prison for several months. Enrique tells of being an active member of the PCE during the transition from the Francoist regime to democracy and describes his participation in the party’s campaign during the first democratic elections.

Cite as: Aguado Marco, Enrique. Testimony of the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist Dictatorship. University of California, San Diego, 2009.