Call to Arms: Communist Ephemerao of Madrid During the Spanish Civil War

Title: Jóvenes madrileños
Title translation: Youth of Madrid
Author/Publisher Group: Juventud Socialista Unificada
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"This handbill includes a type of membership card at the bottom which recipients could use to join the J.S.U. This particular handbill may have been printed fairly early in the life of the J.S.U. as it speaks of the creation of the organization as noted in the following translation: "It has been two years since the Socialist Youth and the Community Youth joined each other. From that fusion was born the Unified Socialist Youth, the great youth Organization, which has more than half of a million members in its ranks. The J.S.U. is an Organization of combat, as it has demonstrated in a thousand heroic acts, which fights with enthusiasm in the trenches and in the production, against the reaction and fascism. The J.S.U. defends the aspirations and desires of the youth. It fights for the incorporation into the workforce of youths not [yet] mobilized; it fights because a salary is not determined by age, but by the capacity to work, by effort. We make our catchphrase: EQUAL WORK, EQUAL SALARY. The J.S.U. counts among its ranks thousands and thousands of heroes. Many "antitanquistas" belong to [the J.S.U.] such as Carrasco, Grao, Conejo; military chiefs such as TagŁeña, Vega y Toral; young women such as Lina Odena, Aida Lafuente y Juanita Rico; "estajanovistas" of labor like Zurbano Ramos; and many others, so that we would have to make the list unending if we were to cite them all."