Call to Arms: Communist Ephemerao of Madrid During the Spanish Civil War

Title: ¡Mujeres! Alistaos en el Batallón femenino Juanita Rico
Title translation: Women! Enlist in the Female Batallion Juanita Rico
Author/Publisher Group: Secretariado Femenino de la J. S. U. / Radio 10
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"The Women's Secretariat of Radio 10 of the Unified Socialist Youth, always attentive to all the needs of the moment, and taking into account that the lack of military preparation among women could be disastrous in the case of an attack on Madrid with the advantage of the enemy, since [this situation] would be more [of] a hindrance than a help, the group has decided to form a women's Batallion, in which all women of the district would be able to learn about the use of weapons and acquire military discipline with which to help them, in a time of need, to form rapidly groups of women to carry munitions and all types of reinforcements to the soldiers."