Call to Arms: Communist Ephemerao of Madrid During the Spanish Civil War

Title: Madrileños
Title translation:
Author/Publisher Group: Campamento / Partido Comunista de España (Sector Norte)
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"Today to commemorate the World Festival of Work, our First of May, we do not want to refrain from remarking on what the war actually represents in the life of Spanish antifascism. It is our war, not yet a civil war; it is a fight to death between fascism and liberty. Just as the Spanish in 1808 fought for their independence, we are fighting today, not only for our independence, but also for all people which groan today oppressed under tyranny. Because of this today we, the communists, are saying to you, anarchist brothers, republicans and socialists: we must unite more strongly, without breaking the Popular Front which we are defending at the cost of our blood, so that in a day not far away victory may be ours. Union! Union! Union!"