Road head in San Rafael Arroyo. 1960.

Punta Colnette and Colnette fish camp. 1957.

Pozo San Telmo. 1955.

Rancho San Pedro on Arroyo San Pedro; North central San Pedro Mártir. 1960.

Johnson's old ditch from Arroyo San Rafael to Socorro. West slope of North Central San Pedro Mártir. 1960.

Meling Ranch and Valle de San José. 1955. "A cattle ranch belonging to the Meling family...A lodge is operated at the ranch with comfortable accommodations for 10 or 12 visitors." The Melings maintained the San José ranch for decades as an oasis of hospitality for generations of weary Baja California travelers.

San Pedro Mártir, mission site (Dominican, 1794). 1955. "The old Dominican mission ruins of San Pedro Mártir can be reached in about seven hours on horseback from La Grulla...There are extensive adobe ruins. Water for irrigation came from springs above the ruins and was carried to the fields below in stone ditches which may still be seen on either side of the canyon."