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Research Data Curation

Learn more about Research Data Curation and get support for depositing data.

Meeting Publication and Grant Requirements

Do you need assistance meeting requirements for a grant or publication?


Create ready-to-use data management plans for grant applications using the DMPTool. See examples from UC San Diego NSF proposals.

NIH Policy on Rigor

Get tips on how to meet the NIH requirement for rigor and reproducibility in grant applications.

Managing Your Data

Read tips on following best practices for research data management.

Open Science Framework (OSF)

Manage and register your research projects while keeping your data where you want to keep it, with the OSF. Be sure to choose "Sign in through Institution" so you can use your campus credentials. No need to create another account.


Create persistent identifiers (DOIs and ARKs) for your data using EZID.


Create a researcher identifier to distinguish yourself from all other researchers using ORCID.


Transfer large research data files to or from a collaborator anywhere in the world, with RDL-share. For tips on getting the most out of RDL-share, check out our help page.

Working and Staging Storage at the Library

Put a copy of your data on a Library server that you and your UC San Diego collaborators can jointly access. Send email to

Selecting a Repository for Your Data

Do you have research data you want to share with the world or preserve?

Deposit Your Data in the Library's Data Repository

Research data deposited at the Library for long term access and preservation is curated and made publicly available through the UC San Diego Library Digital CollectionsWe work with you to help you enhance the discoverability and reusability of your data. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are provided for all data collections so that the data can be cited easily and accessed persistently. The service is free of charge to the campus.

Consultation Request Form

Ready to deposit your data at the Library or just want to learn how it’s done? Complete the consultation request form to set up a meeting with members of the data curation team, or send an email to

Deposit Terms of Agreement

Depositors are required to sign the Deposit Terms of Agreement before each research data collection is ingested into the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections.

Request a DOI

Need to reserve a DOI for a dataset you will be depositing into the Digital Collections? Use this form to request a DOI.

Digital Preservation

Research data in the Digital Collections is safeguarded long term in a geographically distributed preservation network, Chronopolis.

Registry of Research Data Repositories

Consult, an external resource, for an extensive list of non-UC San Diego, discipline-specific repositories.

Open Science Framework (OSF)

Search for research data and projects managed by researchers at UC San Diego in the Open Science Framework.

Dryad (California Digital Library)

Dryad is an openly available research data curation and publication platform. The University of California now offers Dryad as a free service for all UC researchers to publish and archive their data.

Training and Workshops

Learn more about data management best practices, creating Data Management plans, or foundational computing research skills. View Library Workshops.

Data Management

Data management training available for data management best practices and creating Data Management plans using the DMPTool.

The Carpentries

Learn foundational research computing skills from certified Carpentries Workshops (Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, & Library Carpentry) that cover program design, version control, testing, and task automation.

Finding Research and Data Created at UC San Diego

Looking for data or research projects from UC San Diego?

Digital Collections (DC)

Search for research data generated by researchers at UC San Diego and deposited into the Library's Digital Collections.


Share and discover the full range of productivity by UC departments, research units, publishing programs, and individual scholars/researchers associated with the University of California, at eScholarship. Or find content specifically from UC San Diego.


Access the KNIT digital humanities platform.