UC San Diego Library Resumes Book Lending through Circuit

On Monday, June 13, UC San Diego will officially resume book lending through the San Diego Circuit system through UC Library Search. Circuit allows UC San Diego Library cardholders to quickly borrow items from other regional libraries (including both public and academic libraries) when they are unavailable through UC San Diego. Returning to Circuit increases the Library’s ability to get our users the resources they need, when they need it.

To access Circuit, users should log into UC Library Search. Once an item has been searched, users can select the “Search in Circuit” option in the Request area.


In most cases, items arrive from Circuit within 1-3 days. Requests can be monitored through users’ UC Library Search account.

For questions about Circuit, please contact LibraryBorrowing@ucsd.edu.

Photo Credit: “Library books” by CCAC North Library. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.