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June 16, 2020

SciFinder-n at UC San Diego

UC San Diego now has SciFindern (or SciFinder-n), the new, streamlined SciFinder interface from CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) that covers the chemical literature, indexing millions of journal articles, patents, substances, …

February 6, 2020

Cambridge Structural Database 2020 Now Available

The 2020 version of the Cambridge Structural Data System (CSDS) is available for downloading. You can download it from the the UC CSDS distribution site at UCLA or directly from …

Cover of Plastic Soup
January 14, 2020

Popular Science Reading – January 2020

Here are the first additions to the popular science collection for 2020, including Why Trust Science? from Naomi Oreskes, formerly Professor of History and Science Studies at UC San Diego. You …