UC San Diego Library Revamps Seating and Computer Availability Live Monitoring System

Study space is in high demand across our library buildings and finding a quiet corner to work is a challenge, especially during Finals Week. To help students better utilize the increasingly busy space, the Library’s IT staff has launched a new version of our live monitoring system that allows students to quickly find an empty seat with computer availability.

The display is located in Geisel Library’s lobby. We’re still testing this pilot program, so we encourage you to leave your feedback on the whiteboard, to the right of the screen.

Updates are also available via the Waitz App. You can see how busy Geisel and the Biomedical Library buildings are, in addition to the Graduate Study Lounge, RIMAC, Main Gym, Price Center, and the parking office.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and give it a try! Send questions, comments, and suggestions to the Library’s web manager.