Love Data Week 2020: GIS Resources Available at the Library

Have you looked at your data from a geographic perspective?

Geospatial technologies enable us to acquire earth-referenced data and use it for analysis, modeling, simulations and visualization. Geospatial technologies allow us to make informed decisions based. Here in the Library, we have a number of resources that you can use to help you create intelligent maps and models that can reveal spatial patterns that may not be accessed collectively or mapped otherwise. Start by using your SSO to access Esri’s ArcGIS software that is available through a campus-wide license agreement. We can also help direct you to a number of other GIS software platforms based on your research needs.

If you are looking for GIS data:

Meet others on campus at one of our bi-quarterly Pulse of GIS at UC San Diego meetings to share or learn how others are applying geospatial concepts to their work. Geospatial technologies have become an essential part of everyday life and change the way we live. Visit us in the Data & GIS Lab or setup an appointment with GIS Librarian Amy Work to find out more.

Image caption: Simply Analytics showing percentage of households that have four or more vehicles in San Diego County.