Use This, Not That | Display

Jul 8, 2024–Aug 2, 2024
All Day

The proliferation of single-use plastic has already taken a huge toll on our planet.  Even supposedly recyclable plastic items – bottles, for instance – contribute to the problem since they’re not always recycled. The global Plastic Free July movement was launched in 2011 to help stem the tide of plastic pollution.

To celebrate Plastic Free July, the Library Sustainability Committee has created a thought-provoking display on ways to reduce daily plastic waste in various facets of our lives. Suggestions include using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, switching from bottled shampoo to shampoo bars, and using concentrates to mix up household cleaning products in your own containers. Even small changes can make a difference! Stop by the display on the second floor of the Geisel Library for more ideas on how to change one or two things in your daily life to make an impact.

Partners: Library Sustainability Committee

Scott Paulson

Image Credit: Nick Fewings via Unsplash