De-Stress with Pups

Students at UC San Diego petting a golden retriever at Geisel Library for the Library's De-Stress with Pups event series.
Oct 4, 2023
2:30 PM–4:00 PM

Join us in the Classroom 1 (across from the Geisel Library Service Hub) anytime during the event to relax and de-stress with the dogs. No registration needed, and masking is optional.

Research shows interaction with animals like dogs and cats reduces the body’s stress response. That’s why we’re hosting De-Stress with Pups later this month! This quarterly event is intended to help reduce student stress and support students’ academic success during midterms. Therapy animals and their handlers will visit the Library to interact with students.

Therapy Fluffies, historically hosted by The Zone during finals week, was the inspiration for this event. Our event will be a collaborative effort with The Zone’s referred partner, Love on a Leash.

Partners: Love on a Leash

Gen Thipatima