ACS Guide for Scholarly Communication – Trial Access for 2020

ACS Guide to Scientific Communication

UC San Diego has trial access to The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication through the end of December

This is the first update since the 2006/3rd edition of the ACS Style Guide. There are 11 new chapters (with video examples) covering topics in scientific communication, publishing in scientific journals, and chemical data, as well as extensive revisions of chapters from the 3rd edition, including References, Graphics and Multimedia, Effective Writing/Word Usage, and Chemical Nomenclature. ACS plans to update the Guide twice a year to keep content up to date.

This is a pilot, and no decisions have been made yet about continuing access beyond 2020. Please send any feedback or comments on the Guide to I’m particularly interested in how faculty, students and other researchers are using the guide, both the original and new chapters.