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  1. Cool Santa Fe summer way to California

    • Collection: San Diego History
    • Name: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company; Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company.
    • Date: 1914
    • Topic: Railroads; weather; Travel
    • Format: text
  2. Patrol Reports. Gulf District, Kerema, 1936-1937

    • Collection: Papua New Guinea Patrol Reports
    • Date: 1936-1937
    • Topic: Religion; Diseases; Law; Language; Commerce; Nutrition; Inspection; politics; taxes; Rites and ceremonies; weather; Canoes; Gardens; Topography; Investigation; Land surveys; Census
    • Format: text
  3. Patrol Reports. Central District, Port Moresby, 1944-1946

    • Collection: Papua New Guinea Patrol Reports
    • Date: 1944-1946
    • Topic: Diseases; weather; Agriculture; Buildings--War damage; Recruitment; Survival and emergency rations; Inspection; Hygiene; Crime; Census; Investigation; Gardens
    • Format: text
  4. Slab City: Reel 85

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman
    • Date: March, 1990
    • Topic: landscapes (environments); Alternative lifestyles; telephoto lenses; military camps; driving; deserts; Roads; patients; Retirees; Cancer; campgrounds; weather; wind (weather-related phenomena); sky; camping trailers; Cigarette smokers; mountains; Interviews; rain; panoramas; Clouds
    • Format: video
  5. UNDA: detail view of single stone block with accumulated rain water and snail

    • Collection: Stuart Collection Photographs
    • Name: Finlay, Ian Hamilton (Scottish sculptor, graphic artist, and poet, 1925-2006); Stuart Collection (San Diego, Calif.); Gregoire, Mathieu (American conceptual artist, born 1953); Beebe, Mary Livingstone (American, born 1940); University of California, San Diego--History
    • Date: 1987
    • Topic: landscapes (environments); Nature; megalithic monuments; space (composition concept); language (verbal communication); Waves; weather; Contemporary; rain; Snails; Poetry; Scottish
    • Format: image