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  1. Design for the Theatre

    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Collection: UCSD Audio Visual Theses and Dissertations
    • Name: Peebles, Kay Lynn; Quaintance, Thomas; Jones, Walton; Curiel, Tony; Portes, Lisa; Carmody, James Patrick
    • Date: 1992
    • Topic: Costume designers; Women artists; Dissertations, Academic
  2. News Release: inSite Announces Major Gifts for inSite_05

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSite_05; inSite_05
    • Date: July, 2005
    • Topic: Press Releases; gifts; Boundaries; Philanthropy; installations (visual works); documents; Performance art; press kits; border art; public spaces
    • Format: text
  3. Slab City: Reel 130

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman
    • Date: December, 1990
    • Topic: elderly; snowbirds; deserts; gifts; Christmas; Alternative lifestyles; Infants; Older people; children (people by age group); Interviews; Santa Claus
    • Format: video
  4. Slab City: Reel 131

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: George, Sherman; Durbin, Greg
    • Date: December, 1990
    • Topic: deserts; children (people by age group); Infants; Alternative lifestyles; Older people; Santa Claus; snowbirds; prisons; Interviews; gifts; construction sites; Christmas; elderly
    • Format: video