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  1. Igneous petrologists (left to right) Andy Adamson of the UK; Christine Laverne from France; Head and Co-Chief Scientist Rolf Emmerman of Germany; Pamela D. Kempton from the United States; and Jeffrey C. Alt also from the United States all on board the D/V Glomar Challenger (ship), during one of the legs of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 1981.

    • Collection: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs
    • Name: Deep Sea Drilling Project; Alt, Jeffrey C.; Kempton, Pamela D.; Emmermann, Rolf; Laverne, Christine; Adamson, Andrew C.
    • Date: 1981
    • Topic: Marine sediments; Drilling and boring; Scientific Expeditions; Core Drilling; Submarine Geology
    • Format: image