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  1. Interview with Marta Mendez Continuacion, 14 de mayo, 2000

    • Collection: Pueblos Yucatecos
    • Name: Mendez, Marta; Buck Kachaluba, Sarah A.; Partido Revolucionario Institucional; Méndez, Sabina; Méndez, Alejandra; Méndez Méndez, Buenaventura; Ligerio, Adolfo; Domínguez, Adelfo; Sabino, Olegario; Chim, Paulina; Méndez, Ventura; Lara, Paulina; Moser, Lauren
    • Date: Recorded May 14, 2000
    • Topic: Political parties; Politicians; Women bullfighters; Stoves; Bullfights; Fathers-in-law; Sales personnel; Centavos, Mexican; Manufacturing processes; Sales; Molino de nixtamal; Partners (Business); Housing; Hammocks; money; Robbery; Assembling; Politics and government; Looms; Corn--Milling; Rent; Bakeries
  2. Interview with Marta Mendez, 10 de mayo, 2000

    • Collection: Pueblos Yucatecos
    • Name: Buck Kachaluba, Sarah A.; Echeverría, Luis, 1922-; Mendez, Teresa U.; Mendez, Marta; Lara, Paulina; Chim, Paulina; Cantón, Felipe E.; Mendez, Media; Méndez Méndez, Buenaventura; Pech, Asuncion; Cárdenas, Lázaro, 1895-1970; Schaeffer, D. Bryan; Moser, Lauren
    • Date: Recorded May 10, 2000
    • Topic: Food; Selling; Corn--Milling; Women's leagues; Coca Cola (Trademark); Grandmothers; poverty; Currency; Sisters-in-law; money; Pepita; Wages; Sales; Motherhood; Clothing factories; Trucks; Sewing; Bicycles; Corn dough; Centavos, Mexican; mothers; Politics and government; Convents; Political party leadership; Comisaría (municipal); Pestles; Wood; Mopeds; Music; Girls; Manufacturing processes; Posol; Roads; Dough; Beans; Roosters; Women; Eggs as as currency; Assembling; Work; daughters; Washing (cleaning); Molino de nixtamal; Workshops; Hammocks; Atole