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  1. Pig festival, pig sacrifice: display of pork to be distributed

    • Collection: Edwin Cook and Susan Pflanz Cook Photographs
    • Name: Cook, Edwin A.
    • Date: 1962
    • Topic: Eating & drinking--Papua New Guinea; Pork--Papua New Guinea; Sacrifice--Papua New Guinea; Narak (Papua New Guinean people); Ceremonial exchange--Papua New Guinea--Madang Province; Headdresses--Papua New Guinea--Western Highlands Province
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  2. Pig festival, uprooting cordyline ritual, Tsembaga: man prepares to butcher meat from female pig sacrified to spirits of high ground, children watch

    • Collection: Roy Rappaport Photographs
    • Name: Rappaport, Roy A.
    • Date: October 29, 1962
    • Topic: Eating & drinking--Papua New Guinea; Children--Papua New Guinea--Madang Province; Sacrifice--Papua New Guinea; Cookery--Papua New Guinea--Madang Province; Maring (Papua New Guinean people); Shell money--Papua New Guinea; Pork--Papua New Guinea
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