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  1. Latin American Political Campaign Ephemera Collection

    • Political campaign materials from elections in various Latin American countries.
    • Creation Date: 1980-2009
  2. Symbols of Nicaraguan political parties

    • Collection: Latin American Political Campaign Ephemera Collection
    • Name: Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (Nicaragua); Movimiento Democrático Nicaragüense; Partido Liberal de Unidad Nacional (Nicaragua); Partido Nacional Conservador; Partido Unionista Centroamericano; Movimiento de Unidad Revolucionaria (Nicaragua); Partido Social Demócrata de Nicaragua; Partido Marxista Leninista de Nicaragua; Partido Neo-liberal (Nicaragua); Partido Comunista (Nicaragua)
    • Date: between 1984 and 2009
    • Topic: Political campaigns; Election law; Voting
    • Format: image