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  1. Lunda Mutomboko Documentary

    • Collection: Zambian Storytellers
    • Name: Cancel, Robert
    • Date: 1997
    • Topic: Speeches, addresses, etc.; Music; Rites and ceremonies; rural areas; Musicians; Ritual; Percussion idiophones; Loudspeakers; Shouting; Documentary films; Biography; Costume; Dance; Festivals; Princes; Interviews; Ceremonial swords; Crowds; Kings and rulers; Anthropology--Fieldwork; singers; Parades
    • Format: video
  2. Spirit of Mexico

    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Collection: UCSD Audio Visual Theses and Dissertations
    • Name: Alexander, Wick
    • Date: 1983
    • Topic: Gouache (paint); Watercolor painting; Wit and humor; Color; Painting; Dissertations, Academic
  3. Meeting pro-National articles - Manifestacion pro-articulos Nacionales, Tijuana, Mexico

    • Collection: Tijuana Photograph Postcard Collection
    • Date: 1915-1960
    • Topic: Crowds; Photographic postcards; Parades; Central business districts
    • Format: image
  4. Man with dog wearing "Broadway" sign

    • Collection: Ed Fletcher Papers
    • Date: between 1930 and 1939
    • Topic: Parades
    • Format: image
  5. Grape Day, Escondido

    • Collection: Baja California and the West Postcard Collection
    • Date: 1936
    • Topic: Central business districts; Storefronts; Photographic postcards; Parades
    • Format: image
  6. Parade in bull ring at Fiesta of San Juan Bautista, San Juan Koop

    • Collection: Pueblos Yucatecos
    • Name: Buck Kachaluba, Sarah A.
    • Date: June 2014
    • Topic: Girls; Children; Men; Parades; Women; Persons; Musical instruments
    • Format: image
  7. S.B. 11 Gay Fiesta Parade in Front of Court House, Santa Barbara, California

    • Collection: Baja California and the West Postcard Collection
    • Name: Longshaw Card Co.
    • Date: between 1930 and 1945
    • Topic: Courthouses; Parades
    • Format: image