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  1. Launching of Research Vessel Roger Revelle

    • Name: SIO Video (Firm); Colgan, Chuck
    • Date: 1995
    • Topic: History; Oceanographic research ships; Ships--Launching
    • Format: video
  2. Experimental deep water drilling : Project Mohole

    • Name: Global Marine Exploration Company; National Science Foundation (U.S.); National Research Council (U.S.), AMSOC Committee; Ohanian, Chad; Riedel, W.R.; Chandler, Garth; National Academy of Sciences (U.S.); Bascom, Willard; Project Mohole; CUSS I (Drill ship)
    • Date: 1961
    • Topic: History; Deep-sea drilling ships; Mohorovicic discontinuity; Submarine geology; Underwater drilling; Oceanography; Earth sciences and state; Core Drilling; Scientific expeditions
    • Format: video
  3. Olympic bread in the menu : thirty six recipes

    • Collection: American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection
    • Name: Bowlds, Edward; Sterling, Jane
    • Date: 1932
    • Topic: Advertising--Bakeries; Bread; Olympics; Cooking (Bread); Advertising; History
    • Format: text
  4. Contract between the Real Estanco de Aguardiente and Alberto Clavijo, granting a license to supply aguardiente in certain parts of Bogotá, Colombia : manuscript

    • Name: Clavijo, Alberto; New Granada, Real Estanco de Aguardiente; Colombia., Real Estanco de Aguardiente
    • Date: 1764 March 2
    • Topic: Sources; Rum industry; Distilling industries; History; Exclusive contracts
    • Format: text
  5. The sinking of the pirate Alabama by the U.S. gunboat "Kearsarge," Captain Winslow, June 19th, 1864

    • Name: Steele, Silas Sexton; Magnus, Charles; Alabama (Screw sloop); Kearsarge (Sloop); American Civil War (1861-1865)
    • Date: 1864-1867
    • Topic: Naval battles; Music-Texts; History; Popular music
    • Format: text
  6. The Winter Garden Co. announces the first American tour of the most famous of all international stars, Gaby Deslys (speaking and singing in English) : in a new and modern musical comedy in three acts entitled "The Little Parisienne" with a large supporting company and chorus including Harry Pilcer

    • Name: Winter Garden Company; Goodman, John B. (John Bartlett), 1901-1991; Spreckels Theatre (San Diego, Calif.); Deslys, Gaby, 1881-1920
    • Date: 1913?
    • Topic: Music-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.); Sources; History; Actresses; Musical theater
    • Format: text
  7. [Civil War songs]

    • Name: American Civil War (1861-1865)
    • Date: 1861?-1865?
    • Topic: History; Songs and music
    • Format: text
  8. List of vessels lost, damaged and saved, in the storm that happened at Jamaica, on Wednesday, the 11th of September 1751

    • Name: Daniell, William, 1769-1837; Barnett, Irwin
    • Date: 1751?
    • Topic: Shipping; Ship registers; Ships; History
    • Format: text
  9. Toasted leaves or Tudoces Fragrans : an essay on the origin of tea by the shade of Charles Lamb ; humorously illustrated by W. G. R. Browne

    • Collection: American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection
    • Name: Gill, Owen A.; Browne, W. G. R.; Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834
    • Date: 1890
    • Topic: History; Parodies, imitations, etc; Tea; Tea in literature; Fiction
    • Format: text
  10. "La Granja" restaurant, cafe y dulceria

    • Collection: American Institute of Wine & Food Culinary Collection
    • Name: La Granja (Restaurant)
    • Date: 1910-1929?
    • Topic: Restaurants; History; Sources
    • Format: text