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  1. St. Francis de los Barrios

    • Collection: IDEAS Performance Series
    • Name: Coleman, Charles; Giron, Rodolfo; Havis, Allan; Stokes, Cynthia; Roberts, Robin; Waters, Joseph; Saint Francis of Assisi; Pope Francis
    • Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017
    • Topic: Transgender sex workers; Opera
    • Format: video; image
  2. inSite Archive

    • A selection of documents, images, video, and sound from the inSite Archive at UC San Diego’s Special Collections & Archives.
    • Creation Date: 1992-2006
  3. Press Coverage: Proposal exhibition and interview with Carmen Cuenca

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Cuenca, Carmen (Mexican art historian and curator); inSite_05; inSite_05
    • Date: 2005
    • Topic: artists; Interviews; border art; Boundaries; publicizing; installations (visual works)
    • Format: video
  4. Dialogue 1: Liminal Zones / Coursing Flows

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Krichman, Michael; Arriola, Magalí 1970-; inSite_05; Yard, Sally; Barry, Judith (American installation artist, born 1949); Sengupta, Shuddhabrata (Indian installation artist, born 1968); Harvey, David (American geographer, born 1935); Crandall, Jordan (American video artist, born 1960); Cruz, Teddy (American architect, contemporary); Decter, Joshua; Bauer, Ute Meta 1958-; Ramírez Erre, Marcos (Mexican installation artist and sculptor, born 1961)
    • Date: November 6, 2003
    • Topic: Capital; border art; Demonstrations; Symposia; Globalization; Homeless persons; Other (Philosophy); Boundaries; Critical theory; Architecture; artists; Deconstruction; Tricksters; Identity (Philosophical concept); Art museums; urban planning; Lectures; Geography; space (composition concept); Ecology
  5. The Good Rumor Project: video documentation

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Conwell, Donna; inSite_05; Wrange, Måns, 1961-
    • Date: 2005
    • Topic: Boundaries; political art; Rumor; communication (function); Humor; border art; Focus groups; Performance art; Video art; information signs
    • Format: video
  6. Aerial Bridge - video documentation: toy helicopter flying over yellow U.S. - Mexico border demarcation line

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Gomulicki, Maurycy; inSite_05; Ragasol, Tania (Mexican art historian and curator)
    • Date: September 24, 2005
    • Topic: Model airplane racing; political art; Boundaries; Rivers; Contests; Humor; Play; Performance art; Aeronautics; border art; Hobbies; toys (recreational artifacts); Video art; Rockets (Aeronautics); Flight; lines (artistic concept)
    • Format: video