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  1. Ecological monitoring in reefs of the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean

    • Collection: dataMares: Ecological Monitoring
    • Name: Mascareñas-Osorio, Ismael; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Gulf of California Marine Program; Giron-Nava, Alfredo; Sánchez, Santiago Domínguez; Jimenez-Esquivel, Victoria; Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Date: 2018
    • Topic: Environmental monitoring; Fish; Underwater; Marine invertebrates
    • Format: data
  2. dataMares: Ecological Monitoring

    • This collection contains databases from regular surveys conducted to track annual changes in the structure, function, and health of marine ecosystems, as well as organisms like fishes and invertebrates at numerous island and coastal sites.
    • Creation Date: 1998 to 2015,