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  1. Box-man Project

    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Collection: UCSD Audio Visual Theses and Dissertations
    • Name: Centro Cultural de la Raza (San Diego, Calif.); Lara, Mario F.; Lara, Mario F.; Fairey, Shepard
    • Date: 2000
    • Topic: Dissertations, Academic; Art--Exhibitions; public art
  2. Slab City: Reel 129A

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman; Knight, Leonard, 1931-
    • Date: November, 1990
    • Topic: ruins; house paint; Proselytizing; Crosses; concrete slabs; bombs (explosive weapons); mountains; Roads; automobile graveyards; panoramas; Alternative lifestyles; recreational vehicles; landscapes (environments); telephoto lenses; junkyards; camping trailers; signs (declaratory or advertising artifacts); buses; deserts; Salvation Mountain; foundations (structural elements); firing ranges; military camps; campgrounds; Outsider art
    • Format: video
  3. Slab City: Reel 77

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: George, Sherman; Durbin, Greg; Knight, Leonard, 1931-
    • Date: February, 1990
    • Topic: Dune buggies; Salvation Mountain; foundations (structural elements); rural areas; Dogs; buses; Antennas; landscapes (environments); campgrounds; deserts; Outsider art; artists; earthworks (sculpture); Pavo; All terrain vehicles; Roads; Interviews; Alternative lifestyles; mountains; chickens; painting (coating); pedestrians; camping trailers; concrete slabs; driving; military camps; pets; panoramas; children (people by age group); sculpture (visual work)
    • Format: video
  4. Slab City: Reel 165

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman
    • Date: December, 1991
    • Topic: landscapes (environments); campgrounds; camping trailers; rubbish; Alternative lifestyles; Flags; Drinking of alcoholic beverages; Interviews; foundations (structural elements); Dogs; deserts; wind (weather-related phenomena); military camps; concrete slabs; buses; telephoto lenses; Families; poverty
    • Format: video