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  1. dataMares: Fisheries

    • This collection contains robust, high-quality scientific information related to Mexico-specific ocean fisheries and their relationship to marine reserves, coastal and marine ecosystems, and climate change. It also contains datasets with information on fishing activities collected with the participation of local fishermen.
    • Creation Date: 1950-01-01 to 2014-08-01,
  2. Global Fisheries Supply Index

    • Collection: dataMares: Fisheries
    • Name: Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Giron-Nava, Alfredo; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
    • Date:
    • Topic: Fisheries; Food security; Aquaculture
    • Format: data
  3. Joseph Reid interviewed by Joellen Russell

    • Collection: SIO Centennial Oral Histories
    • Name: Russell, Joellen, 1970-; Reid, Joseph L.; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Reid, Joseph L.
    • Date: 1999 February 4-18
    • Topic: Fisheries; Ocean currents; Oral history
  4. Fisheries and aquaculture sector statistics

    • Collection: dataMares: Fisheries
    • Name: Jimenez-Esquivel, Victoria; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Sánchez, Santiago Domínguez; Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Date: 2018
    • Topic: Fisheries; Aquaculture; Catch data
    • Format: data
  5. An interview with Edward Silva

    • Collection: San Diego History Center Oral Histories
    • Name: Wright, Robert G.; Silva, Edward, 1925-; Walt, Thomas E.; Wall, Bernis W.
    • Date: 1990 January 6
    • Topic: Fisheries; Fishing boats; Fish trades; Silva, Edward, 1925- --Interviews; Tuna industry
    • Format: sound recording-nonmusical; text
  6. Bird monitoring program and sardines fishery in the Gulf of California

    • Collection: dataMares: Fisheries
    • Name: Giron-Nava, Alfredo; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Velarde, Enriqueta
    • Date: 2017
    • Topic: Fisheries; Seabirds (Marine birds); Sardines
    • Format: data
  7. dataMares Collection

    • DataMares holds a massive amount of fishery, reef, mangrove, and other data pertaining to the ecology of Mexico, particularly coastal and marine ecosystems of the Gulf of California, and delivers this information in an interactive and digestible manner.
    • Creation Date: 1998 to present
  8. An interview with August John Felando

    • Collection: San Diego History Center Oral Histories
    • Name: Norton, Dorothy; Wright, Robert G.; Felando, August John, 1929-; Walt, Thomas E.
    • Date: 1995 September 5
    • Topic: Felando, August John, 1929- --Interviews; Tuna industry; Tuna; Fishers; American Tunaboat Association; Fishing boats; Fisheries; Tuna fisheries
    • Format: sound recording-nonmusical; text
  9. An interview with Katie Asaro

    • Collection: San Diego History Center Oral Histories
    • Name: Jarvis, David; Wright, Robert G.; Asaro, Katie (Caterina), 1910-; Walt, Thomas E.
    • Date: 1990 March 24
    • Topic: Asaro, Katie (Caterina), 1910- --Interviews; Fish trade; Canneries; Canned fish; Italian Americans; Fisheries; Women cannery workers; Fisheries--Equipment and supplies
    • Format: sound recording-nonmusical; text
  10. An interview with Vincent Battaglia

    • Collection: San Diego History Center Oral Histories
    • Name: Battaglia, Vincent, 1921-; Wright, Robert G.; Brandes, Shirley A.; Walt, Thomas E.
    • Date: 1991 March 3
    • Topic: Battaglia, Vincent, 1921- --Interviews; Tuna industry--Environmental aspects; Fish trade; Fishing boats; Fisheries; Italian Americans; Fishers
    • Format: text; sound recording-nonmusical
  11. Spatio-temporal interactions of spawning aggregations and fisheries in the Upper Gulf of California

    • Collection: dataMares: Fisheries
    • Name: Mascareñas-Osorio, Ismael; Sánchez, Santiago Domínguez; Roman, Martha; Castro, Julian; Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Date: 2017
    • Topic: Catch data; Fisheries
    • Format: data