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  1. Music Collection

    • Collection of Music-related materials from UC San Diego students and faculty, as well as prominent figures of the contemporary music scene in Southern California.
    • Creation Date: 1950 -
  2. History of the UC San Diego Visual Arts Department

    • Images documenting the history of Visual Arts Department at UC San Diego from 1969 to 1989.
    • Creation Date: 1969-1993
  3. UCSD Audio Visual Theses and Dissertations

    • A subset of the dissertations produced by students at UC San Diego which contain audio and visual components.
    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Creation Date: between 1971 and 2009
  4. Visual Arts and Architecture

    • Images, films, audio, and documentation of Southern California and Border Region art, architecture, and urban development.
    • Creation Date: 1961-2015
  5. Land of the Midnight Sun

    • Collection: H. Lee Hansen Collection
    • Name: Hansen, H. Lee
    • Date: Between 1960 - 1980
    • Topic: Fashion and architecture; City and town life; Travel; Cities and towns
    • Format: video
  6. Jamaica

    • Collection: H. Lee Hansen Collection
    • Name: Hansen, H. Lee
    • Date: Between 1969 - 1980
    • Topic: Travel; City and town life; Cities and towns; Fashion and architecture
    • Format: video
  7. H. Lee Hansen Collection

    • Travel films by traveler and filmmaker, H. Lee Hansen.
    • Creation Date: 1936-1980
  8. Land of Manana (Mexico)

    • Collection: H. Lee Hansen Collection
    • Name: Hansen, H. Lee
    • Date: Between 1950 - 1980
    • Topic: Travel; Fashion and architecture; Cities and towns; City and town life
    • Format: video
  9. Travelogue Collection

    • Collection of home movies and travel films shot mainly in the United States. Includes extensive footage of Europe and Asia as well.
    • Creation Date: 1936-1980
  10. Slab City: Reel 12

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman; Shell Oil Company; Knight, Leonard, 1931-
    • Date: October, 1989
    • Topic: graves; concrete slabs; telephoto lenses; deaths; Interviews; Artificial flowers; Alternative lifestyles; recreational vehicles; Cigarette smokers; panoramas; Outsider art; driving; wind (weather-related phenomena); Flags; campgrounds; camping trailers; deserts; Retirees; landscapes (environments); ruins; military camps; burials; All terrain vehicles; Dune buggies; pet cemeteries; signs (declaratory or advertising artifacts); foundations (structural elements); mountains; pets; Roads; Dogs
    • Format: video