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    我的村子2008 (观音寺王家村)

    • Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only
    • Name: Wang, Wei, 1977- (王伟, 1977-); Cun min ying xiang ji hua (村民影像计划); Cao chang di gong zuo zhan (Art center) (草场地工作站 (Art center)); Mao, Ran, 1970- (毛然, 1970-); China Independent Documentary Film Archive; Wu, Wenguang, 1956- (吴文光, 1956-); Zhongshan da xue (Guangzhou, China). Visual Anthropology Institute; Su, Ming, 1985- (苏明, 1985-)
    • Date: 2010
    • Topic: Nonfiction films; Feature films; Independent films; Peasants; Documentary films
    • Format: video