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  1. Environment Data (1996-05-10 to 1996-05-18)

    • Collection: SWellEx-96 Experiment Acoustic Data
    • Name: Hodgkiss, William S.; Ensberg, David E.; Booth, Newell O.
    • Date: 2015
    • Topic: Shallow water test bed; Matched field processing (MFP); Geoacoustics; Sound speed profile; Plane wave beamforming
  2. SWellEx-96 Experiment Acoustic Data

    • SWellEx96 was an ocean acoustic experiment, conducted off San Diego, May 1996. It collected broadband/multitone signals between 50 and 400 Hz on horizontal, vertical, and tilted line arrays.
    • Creation Date: 1996-05-10 to 1996-05-18