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  1. Marine Technicians at Sea - Louise Henry (left), is normally a secretary for the Deep Sea Drilling Project at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. However, she has been to sea twice with the Project - first as a yeoman and later as a marine technicial. Above, Henry holds some Mediterranean Sea core samples encased in plastic liners along with Sue Strain, who also was aboard the drilling vessel, Glomar Challenger, as a yeoman. The 194-foot-tall drilling derrick which is located amidship is in the background. 1970

    • Collection: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs
    • Name: Deep Sea Drilling Project, Photo by Orrin Russie.; Glomar Challenger (Ship); Deep Sea Drilling Project; Henry, Marjorie Louise, 1953-1986; Strain, Susan
    • Date: 1970
    • Topic: Sailors; Women scientists; Women in science; Deep Sea Drilling Project
    • Format: image