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  1. José Villegas Collection on Mining

    • Documents and photographs relating to silver mining operations in Mexico, principally Real del Monte and Pachuca during the periods of British (1824-1849) and Mexican (1849-1906) capitalization and management.
    • Creation Date: circa 1825-1983
  2. James Howard and mine workers at the Amparo Mine, Jalisco

    • Collection: James Howard Collection
    • Name: Amparo Mining Company; Howard, James, 1868-
    • Date: between 1889 and 1921
    • Topic: Mining machinery; Silver mines and mining
    • Format: image
  3. James Howard Collection

    • Photographs and documents from the collection of James Howard, a mining foreman with the Amparo Mining Company who lived in Guadalajara, Mexico and worked in the Bolaños region starting in 1889.
    • Creation Date: circa 1882-1939