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  1. Union market island front: view of the corner of tbe building

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Patterson, Patricia (American installation artist, born 1941); Roschke, Leah (American graphic designer); Sain, Robert (American curator); inSITE94
    • Date: 1994
    • Topic: Color; political art; architecture (object genre); renovation; border art
    • Format: image
  2. infoSite San Diego: exterior with traffic cones

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSite_05; Cruz, Teddy (American architect, contemporary); Conwell, Donna
    • Date: 2005
    • Topic: information; political art; Parking lots; public spaces; Color; recycling; Education; information centers (facilities); Temporary structures (Building); portable; border art; architecture (object genre)
    • Format: image