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  1. Paul Blackburn Audio Collection

    • A collection of sound recordings featuring poetry readings, conversations, lectures, and taped correspondence recorded by Paul Blackburn to create an oral history of the New York poetry scene between 1960 and 1971.
    • Creation Date: 1960-1971
  2. inSite Archive

    • A selection of documents, images, video, and sound from the inSite Archive at UC San Diego’s Special Collections & Archives.
    • Creation Date: 1992-2006
  3. Mark Dion - press coverage

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Dion, Mark (American sculptor and installation artist, born 1961); Irwin, Dan (American broadcaster); inSITE2000; Dion, Mark (American sculptor and installation artist, born 1961)
    • Date: 1994
    • Topic: Blinds (Shelters); ecological art; border art; architecture (object genre); landscapes (environments); Bird watching; Boundaries; Nature centers; Education; Natural history; Nature; political art; Birds; Sound recordings; Environmental protection
    • Format: sound recording

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSITE94; Kaprow, Allan (American Performance artist, 1927-2006)
    • Date: 1994
    • Topic: City noise; Islam; public address systems; Music; Dogs; Dogs--Barking; border art; Noise; Sound installations (Art); Adhan; Sound recordings; Aleatoric music; Muezzins
    • Format: sound recording
  5. Press coverage, KPBS Radio: Jeffrey Vallance

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSITE2000; KPBS (Radio station : San Diego, Calif.); Sutro, Dirk; Vallance, Jeffrey (American sculptor and painter, born 1955); Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994; Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321; Vallance, Jeffrey (American sculptor and painter, born 1955)
    • Date: 2000
    • Topic: Sound recordings; Radio Programs; artists; Interviews; border art
    • Format: sound recording
  6. Press coverage, KPBS Radio

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSITE97; KPBS (Radio station : San Diego, Calif.); Krichman, Michael; Simpson, Lorna (American photographer and installation artist, born 1960); Glassford, Thomas (American installation and video artist, born 1963); Adams, Kim (Canadian sculptor, born 1951); Irwin, Dan (American broadcaster)
    • Date: September 24, 1997
    • Topic: Radio Programs; Sound recordings; border art; Interviews
    • Format: sound recording
  7. Sonic Zoo: Noise, Sound, and Rhythm on the Border Between Two Worlds

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Hernández Díaz, Octavio; inSITE97
    • Date: 1997
    • Topic: Aleatoric music; City noise; Music; border art; Repetition in music; Noise; Electronic music; Sound recordings; public address systems; transportation noise; Sound installations (Art)