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  1. Patrol Reports. West New Britain District, Gasmata, 1939 - 1940

    • Collection: Papua New Guinea Patrol Reports
    • Date: 1939-1940
    • Format: text
  2. Papua New Guinea Patrol Reports

    • Reports from government patrols are a major source of primary information on Papua New Guinea’s colonial-era history.  Patrol officers and other officials wrote detailed documents reporting on all aspects of the work carried out by the patrols.  The reports give first-hand accounts on many topics, from first contact with remote Highland villages, to census counts, tax collection, health care, justice, labor recruiting, plantations, missionaries, anthropological descriptions, tribal warfare, languages, and more.  The reports in this collection date primarily from the post-World War II era of Papua New Guinea, up through 1975, when PNG gained independence from Australia; a few pre-War reports are also included.
    • Creation Date: 1912-1976