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  1. Antonio Garcia, teniente Gobernador constitucional del Estado Libre de Zacatecas, ... secretarios del Honorable Congreso me han comunicado ... Ley penal y de procedimientos contra los ladrones

    • Collection: Mexican Broadsides
    • Date: 1850
    • Topic: Politics and government; Larceny; Criminal procedure; Criminal law; Robbery
    • Format: text
  2. Mexican Broadsides

    • This collection comprises broadsides (single and double-sided, one-sheet documents) produced in Mexico between the early 1600s and 1899.
    • Creation Date: Early 1600s to 1899
  3. The life of Joaquin Murieta, the brigand chief of California : being a complete history of his life from the age of sixteen to the time of his capture and death at the hands of Capt. Harry Love in the year 1853

    • Name: Goodman, John B. (John Bartlett), 1901-1991; Ridge, John Rollin, 1827-1867; Murieta, Joaquín, -1853
    • Date: 1859
    • Topic: Criminals; Brigands and robbers; Crime
    • Format: text
  4. Acta

    • Collection: Mexican Broadsides
    • Date: 1855
    • Topic: Politics and government; Military government
    • Format: text