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  1. ¡Todo sea por Dios!

    • Collection: Spanish Civil War Collection
    • Name: Civil War (Spain : 1936-1939); Catholic Church.; XI, Pope, Pius, 1857-1939
    • Date: [between 1936 and 1939?]
    • Topic: Anti-fascist movements; Diplomatic relations; Anti-Catholicism; International relations; Fascism
    • Format: text
  2. Mexican Broadsides

    • This collection comprises broadsides (single and double-sided, one-sheet documents) produced in Mexico between the early 1600s and 1899.
    • Creation Date: Early 1600s to 1899
  3. Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records

    • Family papers and sugar plantation records (1709-1835) of the Hall family of England and Jamaica. The collection contains primary source material on 18th and early 19th century Jamaican plantation economy and culture.
    • Creation Date: 1709-1892
  4. Page from the New Testament book of Ephesians

    • Collection: Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records
    • Date: between 1709 and 1892
    • Format: text
  5. Trade cards

    • Collection: Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records
    • Date: 1709-1892
    • Format: text
  6. What of his knaves and fools of D. did write applied to our will fitt them just as right

    • Collection: Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records
    • Date: between 1709 and 1892
    • Format: text
  7. Estimation of Tryall Estate, including profit in time of war and peace

    • Collection: Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records
    • Date: between 1758 and 1834
    • Format: text
  8. William Bond Papers

    • Papers of William Bond (d. 1776), a Revolutionary Army officer from Massachusetts. Includes correspondence, orders, resolutions of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, lists of officers and soldiers, and other documents related to Bond's regiment.
    • Creation Date: 1768-1883, bulk 1775-1776
  9. Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents

    • A small collection of family papers of American painter John Gadsby Chapman, consisting mostly of letters to Chapman from colleagues and associates, and correspondence with his son, Conrad Wise Chapman, who served in the Confederate army in the Civil War.
    • Creation Date: 1791-1898, bulk 1861-1865
  10. Inventory of the estate of Thomas Chapman and other documents

    • Collection: Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents
    • Date: between 1791 and 1879
    • Format: text
  11. Abstract of the Will of the late Mr. Robert Kenyon

    • Collection: Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records
    • Date: between 1793 and 1834
    • Format: text
  12. San Diego History

    • Selected materials documenting San Diego county, digitized from original postcards, photographs, correspondence, pamphlets and other materials held by UC San Diego Library.
    • Creation Date: circa 1800-1950
  13. San Diego Mission

    • Collection: San Diego History
    • Name: San Diego Mission
    • Date: 1800s
    • Topic: Spanish mission buildings
    • Format: image
  14. Copy of a letter by Stephen N. Hubon to his son Henry

    • Collection: Hubon Family Papers
    • Name: Hubon, Stephen N.
    • Date: 1801 September 27, transcribed 1880
    • Format: text
  15. Hubon Family Papers

    • The Hubon Family Papers contain the correspondence of San Diego early settler Frederick Hubon (1827-1882), and include letters from three generations of Hubons, in addition to transcriptions, genealogical notes, and a carte-de-visite portrait.
    • Creation Date: circa 1801-1966
  16. General correspondence to John Gadsby Chapman

    • Collection: Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents
    • Name: Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889; United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.); Washington, George, 1732-1799
    • Date: 1820-1833
    • Topic: Slave trade; Presidents--Homes and haunts
    • Format: text
  17. José Villegas Collection on Mining

    • Documents and photographs relating to silver mining operations in Mexico, principally Real del Monte and Pachuca during the periods of British (1824-1849) and Mexican (1849-1906) capitalization and management.
    • Creation Date: circa 1825-1983
  18. Gran Logia Nacion Mexicana, y pira de los Yorkinos

    • Collection: Mexican Broadsides
    • Name: Freemasons; York Rite (Masonic order); Santa Anna, Antonio López de 1794-1876
    • Date: 1831?
    • Topic: Poetry; Sources; History; Politics and government; Caricatures and cartoons; Political satire, Mexican
    • Format: text
  19. A mariner's sketches

    • Name: Ames, Nathaniel, -1835; Loring, Homer
    • Date: 1830
    • Topic: Seafaring life; Adventure and adventurers
    • Format: text
  20. Cumpliendo con lo dispuesto con el art. 3o. de la ley de 4 del corriente, y de acuerdo con los principales tenedores de órdenes espedidas sobre las aduanas marítimas

    • Collection: Mexican Broadsides
    • Name: Mangino, Rafael, 1788-1837; Mexico. Secretaría de Hacienda; Mexico
    • Date: 1830
    • Topic: Customs administration--Law and legislation; Tariff; Politics and government; Tables
    • Format: text