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  1. SEDIMENTARY CORE STUDY-Dr. LaVerne D. Kulm, third from left, showssome sedimentary core material taken in 10,000 feet of water and after a penetration of 1,800 feet beneath the ocean floor at a site 92 miles west of Newport, Oregon, during Leg 18 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Left to right, Dr. John R. Duncan of ESSO Production Research Company, Houston, Texas; Dr. John V. Byrne, Head, Department of Oceanography, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Dr. Kulm, of Oregon State University; and Dr. Adrian F. Richards, of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dr. Kulm was cruise co-chief scientist for the expedtion which started at Honolulu on May 28 and ended at Kodiak, Alaska, on July 19. Dr.s Byrne and Richards came aboard when the OSU research vessel Yaquina roudevoued with D/V Glomar Challenger for two days at Site No. 174.

    • Collection: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs
    • Name: Deep Sea Drilling Project, Photo by George L. Jones; Glomar Challenger (Ship); Deep Sea Drilling Project; Kulm, LaVerne D., 1936-; Richards, Adrian F.; Byrne, John V.; Duncan, John Russell, 1940-
    • Date: 1972
    • Topic: Drill cores; Oceanographers; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Submarine geology; Drill core analysis
    • Format: image