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  1. Eocene Deep Sea Core-Dr. Joshua I. Tracey, Jr., left, of the U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey, William F. Allinder, center, of Texaco, Inc. and George H. Sutton of the University of Hawaii's Institute of Geophysics, inspec an Eocene deep sea core (approximately 60 milliion years old) in the Core Laboratory aboard the drilling research vessel, Glomar Challenger. This sample was recovered at Site 71 on Leg VIII of the Deep Sea DrillingProject in the Pacific Oceanin 14,500 feet of water and after a penetration of 1,800 feet into the ocean bottom. The core is cherty limestoe and was recovered in one of several attempts to get lithified rock during the 55-day cruise from Honolulu to Tahiti. Drs. Tracey and Sutton were Cruise Co-Chief Scientists. Mr. Allinter, who holds one of the heavy diamond bits used to recover cores during the deep ocean probe, was Cruise Operations Manager. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, of the University of California, San Diego, is managing institution for the Deep Sea Drilling Project under contract to the National Science Foundation.

    • Collection: Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs
    • Name: Larry Lauve, Deep Sea Drilling Project; Glomar Challenger (Ship); Deep Sea Drilling Project; Sutton, George H., 1927-; Allinder, William F.; Tracey, Joshua Irving, 1915-
    • Date: 1969
    • Topic: Geologists; Bits (Drilling and boring); Oceanographers; Deep Sea Drilling Project
    • Format: image