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  1. inSite Archive

    • A selection of documents, images, video, and sound from the inSite Archive at UC San Diego’s Special Collections & Archives.
    • Creation Date: 1992-2006
  2. Mark Dion - press coverage

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Dion, Mark (American sculptor and installation artist, born 1961); Irwin, Dan (American broadcaster); inSITE2000; Dion, Mark (American sculptor and installation artist, born 1961)
    • Date: 1994
    • Topic: Blinds (Shelters); ecological art; border art; architecture (object genre); landscapes (environments); Bird watching; Boundaries; Nature centers; Education; Natural history; Nature; political art; Birds; Sound recordings; Environmental protection
    • Format: sound recording
  3. News Release: The Binational Art Exhibition and Festival InSITE2000 Set for Fall 2000 in San Diego and Tijuana

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSITE2000; inSITE2000; Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico); Installation Gallery
    • Date: April 9, 1999
    • Topic: Boundaries; press kits; border art; documents; installations (visual works); Performance art; Press Releases; public spaces
    • Format: text