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  1. [Bank drafts from Page, Bacon, & Co. of San Francisco]

    • Name: Selby, Thomas H., 1820-1875; Page, Bacon & Co; Goodman, John B. (John Bartlett), 1901-1991
    • Date: 1854
    • Format: text
  2. Bar room in the mines, Long Tom

    • Name: Britton & Rey
    • Date: circa 185-?
    • Topic: Gold mines and mining; Mining camps; Frontier and pioneer life
    • Format: text
  3. Captain Eleazer Fletcher

    • Collection: Ed Fletcher Papers
    • Name: Fletcher, Eleazer
    • Date: circa 1855
    • Format: image
  4. Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents

    • A small collection of family papers of American painter John Gadsby Chapman, consisting mostly of letters to Chapman from colleagues and associates, and correspondence with his son, Conrad Wise Chapman, who served in the Confederate army in the Civil War.
    • Creation Date: 1791-1898, bulk 1861-1865
  5. Conditions of contract for an 85 inch cylinder steam engine, boilers, pumps, and other machinery for the Real del Monte Mining Company, Mexico

    • Collection: José Villegas Collection on Mining
    • Name: Harvey and Company; Compañía Real del Monte y Pachuca
    • Date: 1857 February 18
    • Topic: Silver mines and mining; Mining machinery
    • Format: text
  6. Copy of a letter by Stephen N. Hubon to his son Henry

    • Collection: Hubon Family Papers
    • Name: Hubon, Stephen N.
    • Date: 1801 September 27, transcribed 1880
    • Format: text
  7. Correspondence between the British Consulate, Mexico and the Real del Monte Mining Company

    • Collection: José Villegas Collection on Mining
    • Name: Compañía Real del Monte y Pachuca; Great Britain. Consulate (Mexico); Compañía Real del Monte y Pachuca
    • Date: 1856-1865
    • Topic: Silver mines and mining
    • Format: text
  8. El gobierno para dar una pública manifestacion ... ha facilitado a las autoridades de varios pueblos ... todo el armamento que existía ... con el principal objeto de ... una vigorosa defensa contra ... indios bárbaros

    • Name: Zacatecas (Mexico : State); Zacatecas (Mexico : State), Governor; Valdés, Chucho; Solana, Juan G
    • Date: [1852]
    • Topic: Indians of Mexico; Indians of Mexico--Government relations
    • Format: text
  9. Fankwei : or, The San Jacinto in the seas of India, China, and Japan

    • Name: Wood, William Maxwell, 1809-1880
    • Date: 1859
    • Topic: Travel
    • Format: text
  10. General correspondence to John Gadsby Chapman

    • Collection: Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents
    • Name: Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889
    • Date: 1844-1857
    • Format: text
  11. George Fearing Hollis Papers

    • Papers of George Fearing Hollis, Union Naval officer and United States Consul to Cape Town, South Africa from 1888-1893. The collection consists mainly of Civil War-era correspondence, manuscript memoirs, and documents regarding Hollis's tenure in Cape Town.
    • Creation Date: 1852-1903
  12. Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records

    • Family papers and sugar plantation records (1709-1835) of the Hall family of England and Jamaica. The collection contains primary source material on 18th and early 19th century Jamaican plantation economy and culture.
    • Creation Date: 1709-1892
  13. Hubon Family Papers

    • The Hubon Family Papers contain the correspondence of San Diego early settler Frederick Hubon (1827-1882), and include letters from three generations of Hubons, in addition to transcriptions, genealogical notes, and a carte-de-visite portrait.
    • Creation Date: circa 1801-1966
  14. Incidents on land and water : or, Four years on the Pacific Coast. Being a narrative of the burning of the ships Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with many startling adventures on sea and land

    • Name: Bates, D. B., Mrs; Mrs, Bates, D. B
    • Date: 1857
    • Topic: Travel; Voyages to the Pacific coast; Gold mines and mining
    • Format: text
  15. Inventory of the estate of Thomas Chapman and other documents

    • Collection: Chapman Family Correspondence and Other Documents
    • Date: between 1791 and 1879
    • Format: text
  16. José Villegas Collection on Mining

    • Documents and photographs relating to silver mining operations in Mexico, principally Real del Monte and Pachuca during the periods of British (1824-1849) and Mexican (1849-1906) capitalization and management.
    • Creation Date: circa 1825-1983
  17. Kathay: a cruise in the China seas

    • Name: Macaulay, W. Hastings
    • Date: 1852
    • Topic: Travel
    • Format: text
  18. Las ventas ó enajenaciones de las islas ó terrenos baldíos de la Baja California que se hubieren hecho desde el año de 1821 hasta el presente

    • Collection: Baja California
    • Name: Siliceo, Manuel; Mexico, Secretaría de Fomento, Colonización, Industria y Comercio; Mexico
    • Date: [1857]
    • Topic: Land titles; Land tenure; Colonization
    • Format: text