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  1. Beauty of our People: detail: two young boys

    • Collection: Cinewest Archive
    • Name: Carrasco, Barbara (American painter, born 1955); Limon, Leo (American muralist, active 20th century); Callejo, Carlos (American muralist, born 1930); Avila, Glenna Boltuch (American muralist, born 1953); Yepes, George (American muralist and painter, 1955); Sakai, Rodney (muralist, 20th century); Valadez, John (American muralist, born 1951)
    • Date: 1978; 1979 (photograph); 1983 (destruction)
    • Topic: Pride and vanity; Symbolism; History; Mexican American art; Mural painting and decoration; Boys; Mexican Americans; Narrative art
    • Format: image