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  1. Pilot with crop-dusting plane, Torrey Pines

    • Collection: Ed Fletcher Papers
    • Date: between 1915 and 1930
    • Topic: Agriculture; Airplanes
    • Format: image
  2. Great Wall of Los Angeles: detail: 1890 Los Angeles Mountains to the Shore; world ward I

    • Collection: Cinewest Archive
    • Name: Social and Public Arts Resource Center (Venice, Los Angeles, Calif.); Baca, Judith Francisca (Mexican-American installation artist and muralist, born 1946)
    • Date: Summer, 1976 (first 1,000 feet); 1979 (photograph); 1976-1983 (entire mural); 2008-2011 (restoration)
    • Topic: medals; Narrative art; Immigrants; Mural painting and decoration; Symbolism; Agriculture; Horizon; Employees; History; Flags; Automobiles; Airplanes; Technological innovations; World War, 1914-1918
    • Format: image
  3. Slab City: Reel 66

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: Durbin, Greg; George, Sherman; Knight, Leonard, 1931-
    • Date: February, 1990
    • Topic: house paint; wind (weather-related phenomena); aerial views; recreational vehicles; pilots; Airplanes; panoramas; camping trailers; military camps; Agriculture; Salvation Mountain; Roads; deserts; landscapes (environments); sculpture (visual work); farms; mountains; foundations (structural elements); campgrounds; painting (coating); Outsider art; telephoto lenses; ruins; irrigation systems; concrete slabs; earthworks (sculpture); Alternative lifestyles
    • Format: video
  4. Slab City: Reel 188

    • Collection: Slab City
    • Name: George, Sherman; Durbin, Greg
    • Date: March, 1992
    • Topic: rural areas; military camps; deserts; campgrounds; gold (metal); foundations (structural elements); Alternative lifestyles; silver (metal); Racism in language; recycling; aqueducts; Airplanes; prisons; aerial views; Interviews; Self-reliant living; smelters (metalworking plants); Agriculture; concrete slabs; Canals; rubbish; irrigation systems
    • Format: video