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  1. Artist interviews: Buzz Spector, Mario Lara, Barbara Sexton

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: inSITE94; San Diego State University; Centro Cultural de la Raza; Lara, Mario (American installation artist, born 1950); Sexton, Barbara (American installation artist, born 1947); Spector, Buzz (American installation artist, born 1948)
    • Date: 1994
    • Topic: artists; Interviews; border art
    • Format: video
  2. Working Process

    • Collection: inSite Archive
    • Name: Centro Cultural de la Raza; inSITE2000; Salvo, Roman de (American artist, born 1965); Soares, Valeska (Brazilian installation artist, born 1957); Dion, Mark (American sculptor and installation artist, born 1961)
    • Date: 2000
    • Topic: Education; School field trips; Teachers; border art; artists; Students; Interviews
    • Format: video