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Basalt in five-and-one-half kilometers (18,044 feet) of water at Hole 418A in the Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of the Bermuda Rise on Leg 53 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project was recovered by the cruise scientific staff. Left to right, Dennis Bohrer, curatorial representative; Matthew Salisbury, cruise Co-Chief Scientist; Hubert Staudigel, Ruhr Universitat Bechum, West Germany; Catherine Mevelle, Geologie Dynamique, University of Paris; Peter Rigotti, University of Pittsburgh; Harold Puchelt, Karlsruhe, West Germany; Edmond Mathez, University of Washington; Nikolai Pertsev, Moscow, USSR; Michael Hobart, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory; Douglas Johnson, University of Texas at Dallas; R. Gary Pritchard, University of East Anglia, England; and Martin F.J. Flower, cruise Co-Chief Scientist, Imperial College, London, England. 1977.