Guides to Improve Accessibility

Use the guides to improve web accessibility within specific applications.

Quick Tips

Improve the accessibility of content, no matter the platform.

  • Use sufficient color contrast to improve readability
  • Use headings to appropriately outline and separate content
    • Use headings in order, and do not skip heading levels
  • Do not convey information with images alone
    • Use alternate text for images
  • Use descriptive text for hyperlinks
    • Do not use "click here"

Microsoft Word Accessibility

Adobe Acrobat [PDF] Accessibility

The SiteImprove platform scans contents of PDFs for accessibility and broken links. Learn more about SiteImprove at UC San Diego.


Add Alternate Text to Images

Screenshot demonstrating where to add alt text to images in LibGuides

  • Ensure any text contained in the image is listed in the alternate text

Use Heading Levels Appropriately

Screenshot demonstrating where to adjust headings when editing in rich text in LibGuides

  • Formatting controls available when editing in rich text mode. Options are listed in the format drop-down menu
  • Use headings in order and do not skip levels