Honorary Committee

Jeanne Jones, Chair

  1. Rita L. and Richard C. Atkinson
  2. Mary Ann Beyster
  3. Linden and Ronne Blue
  4. Joye D. Blount and Jessie J. Knight, Jr.
  5. Donald Breitenberg
  6. Jessica Cline
  7. Phyllis and Daniel J. Epstein
  8. Theresa and Standish Fleming
  9. Alison and George Gildred
  10. Jane and Edgar Gillenwaters
  11. Karen Haynes and James Mickelson
  12. Jeanne and Gary Herberger
  13. Reena and Sam Horowitz
  14. Margret and Nevins McBride
  15. Sandra Redman and Jeff Mueller
  16. Zandra Rhodes and Salah Hassanein
  17. Dixie and Ken Unruh